GuBIMClass is a unified classification system of building elements designed for the AEC industry in Spain. Currently, the system provides a classification of the elements according to their main function. The GuBIMClass system is mainly intended for use in BIM environments and users.


It comprises a large set of building elements of the AEC sector (equipment, infrastructure and facilities)


The goal in the development of the GuBIMClass has been to create a classification system to meet the needs of the AEC industry in Spain. This does not mean that the system can be used in other countries where its use can be convenient.

The work carried out to develop the GuBIMClass system has started from an existing classification system developed to meet the needs of a particular administration, Infraestructures.cat (Generalitat de Catalunya). Taking this system as a baseline, the work carried out by the members of the BIM Users Group of Catalonia has consisted in expanding and reorganizing it in such a way that it is useful for a large majority of agents in the sector.

The first part of the work consisted in analysing the different classification systems designed under the perspective of being used as standards for the construction sector in one or more countries, currently, mostly Anglo-Saxon. The conclusion was that it was necessary to reconvert the organizational structure of the original system to one of more generic and common – based on a classification of the elements according to their main function – but at the same time, considering the local needs of the agents of the sector. This last aspect is essential to achieve the promotion and widespread use of the system. That is why the team has been formed by a large number of different profiles of industrial agents.

  • Function criterion as a guarantee of traceability throughout the life cycle, regardless of the uses of the BIM or the phases of the project life cycle
  • Homogeneity in the whole system
  • Common language to foster communication improvement


From the GuBIMCat the intention is to maintain an active role in the future development of the classification system. This involves the associated validation and analysis of the classification system periodically. Also, the publication of future versions to meet the current and future needs of the sector, and possible new uses that may be given. The following steps include extending the classification so that it can be used not only for building projects, but also for civil works, etc.


Agustí Jardí
Alberto Leciñena
Álvaro Martín
Carmen Isábal
Carolina Jarreta
David Delgado
Diego Vidoni
Elisenda Serrano
Eloi Coloma
Eva Roense
Flavia Resa
Gonçal Costa
Ivan Pérez
Juan Luis de Madariaga
Laia Isern
Luis Manuel Sagredo
Maria Elena Pla
Miguel Muñoz
Miquel Rodríguez
Rafael Capdevila
Roger Beaumont

  • Link to the Web Infraestructures.cat where users can download the classification system in PDF version:


The GuBIMClass system has emerged as an objective to be developed in a coordinated manner by different members of the GuBIMCat collective. Their continued involvement and support have been essential for the achievement of this objective. Likewise, this would not have been possible without the collaboration of different organizations and entities of the sector and BIM community, which have helped to materialize this project.